Crustacean Beverly Hills has pizazz in spades. Serving up fine Vietnamese sea food, this often-worshipped restaurant brings the glamour and glitz…in addition to incredibly yummy dishes.

No matter what menu item you end up choosing, you are guaranteed to wind up in culinary bliss. Though…we do have to say that the garlic noodles are otherworldly. Hand to the heavens, you will not be able to resist returning to dig into another serving. In fact, we are craving a plate right now! Don’t miss out.

The koi pond is similarly swell and works well with the restaurant’s overall “vibe”. Pretty enchanting, all in all.

Oh and they are in the process of revamping, so you’d better believe that even greater things are heading our way.

According to their Instagram, they will be reopening on March 10th, so make your reservation ASAP!