Another classic to add to your lipstick arsenal. If you haven’t done so already, that is!

Needless to say, Chanel lipsticks are a sight to behold. A sleek black tube (with that iconic logo on the top) to slip into your purse on a whim…But they are much, much more than another pretty trinket to prop up on your makeup table.

The quality is…exactly what you would expect. In other words, unparalleled. And the color selection is nothing to scoff at. Furthermore, it’s exceptionally clear that each and every one was specifically chosen for its own merits. So, yes, they are all to-die-for.

Craving excitement? Play the vixen by swiping on Etienne, a rich, dark red. Or go glamorous-girl-next-door with Monte-Carlo (which is a Coco Rouge Shine favorite, by the way).